Integral Complex Systems

Digital timer – thermostat

Technical Info
  • Time setting 0.5 … 99 hours
  • Temperature setting 10…80 ºC
  • Temperature limitation threshold 80 ºC
  • Temperature maintenance accuracy ±1 ºC
  • Auxiliary devices power output 3 V, 20 mA
About project

The controller is designed for use in applications where temperature control is required for a set time, e.g. drying cabinets etc.

It has 2 dependent load control channels – heater and fan.

It has 2 digital temperature sensors:

  1. for monitoring the temperature of the object;
  2. for control of the heating element and protection against overheating.

Adjustable PID-algorithm is used, which allows to maintain temperature with high accuracy to control and indicate the serviceability of sensors. Non-volatile memory of settings provides resumption of work after loss of voltage in the network. Wide range of supply voltage: 100…260v. It is made in the form of a printed circuit board with elements, its own power supply, two LED indicators and buttons. Power components (triacs) are mounted outside the board on a heat sink. The control of the triacs is galvanically isolated. There is a low-power output for powering additional devices.

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