Integral Complex Systems

Uninterruptible Power Supply ±5V

Technical Info
  • Input voltage 220 ± 22VACa
  • Output voltages -5VDC, +5VDC
  • Output voltage ripple not more than 30 mV
  • Battery charging current 300 mA
About project

Product purpose

Stabilised redundant power supply (hereinafter referred to as IPSR) is designed to supply radio equipment with constant current +5V, -5V from AC network 220V, and also, in the absence of mains voltage provides backup power supply of the load from the battery. Short-circuit protection is provided on output voltages.

IPRS provides galvanic isolation from the mains voltage.

The design is made and delivered in a housing-less version as an embedded device operating as part of the equipment.

Operating conditions

ICPP 5v is designed for operation in conditions normalised for the version UHL.4.2 according to GOST 15150:

  • ambient temperature from -10 to +40 C
  • relative air humidity not more than 80%
  • absence of vapours of aggressive media (acids, alkalis, etc.) in the air.
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