Integral Complex Systems

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How much does development cost?

If you order a device for production at the same time, we can develop it at a significant discount or even free of charge.

There are no specific and accurate prices for electronics development according to any price list. The cost of development is determined individually for each project based on an absolutely complete technical specification that takes into account all technical requirements and directly depends on the number and complexity of the required functions, as well as the urgency of the order. So, to begin with, draw up a technical specification with all the requirements for the project.

Developing a single sample from scratch will always cost you more than a mass-produced device on retail sale. It makes sense only if you plan to start large-scale production in the future, which will bring profit and recoup the rather serious costs of designing and manufacturing initial samples of electronic devices.

If you are really planning to start producing some interesting and necessary electronics, your first step is to draw up a technical specification.

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