Integral Complex Systems

Contract manufacturing

THT mounting

DIP lead mounting (manual soldering) is used for small batches of prototype boards, when soldering THT components after installing SMD components on an automatic assembly line. The advantages of this type of assembly include the ability to perform assembly of any degree of complexity.

SMD mounting

ICS has its own high-tech equipment. To provide SMD assembly services, our company is now ready to offer three small batch smd component installers and three surface mount lines equipped with modern equipment with a total capacity of 150 thousand computers per hour.

Production of wire harnesses and cables

Technological capabilities: automatic measuring cutting and stripping of wires, including with an offset with a diameter of 0.07 to 4 sq. mm; production of harnesses and cable assemblies with solder connectors; crimping of IDC connectors (for flat and single cables); crimping of cable lugs onto wires: HU, PHU, BLD, BLS, Mini-Fit MF-F, Mini-Fit MF-M, etc.

Installation into the case

Фахівці нашої складальної дільниці можуть провести складання зібраних плат у корпус, а також розпаяти і провести міжплатні кабельні з’єднання всередині корпусу.

За необхідності ми можемо доопрацювати наявний корпус.

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