Contract manufacturing

SMD mounting

For SMD assembling, at the moment, our company is ready to propose three SMT machines for small series, and one equipped line of surface mount with capacity of 16 thousand. Comp/h. SMT lines with different capacity allows to mount a […]

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THT mounting

About Manual assembly (hand placement) is used in the case of small batches of PCB prototypes. Mounting DIP components after installing components on automatic SMD assembly. The advantages of this type of installation include the ability to perform the installation of [...]

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Production of wire harnesses and cables

Technological capabilities of production: Automatically dimensional cutting and stripping of wires, including a shift in diameter from 0.07 to 4 square mm. Production of wire harnesses and cable assemblies with connectors for soldering. Crimping connectors, against the IDC standards (flat […]

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Installation into the case

Specialists of our assembly sector can provide installation of assembled pcb into the case, as well as unsolder and conduct cable connections inside. If necessary, we can modify the existing case.

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How to order

To make an order, or to estimate the cost of contract manufacturing, you can contact us, and our manager will request the necessary information. Or just send us your documentation and information, which includes the amount of pcb's and the [...]

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